The PsychONskills project aims to bridge the gap between the traditional educational approach to nursing of an oncology specialty and the current digital skills requirements through ICT education and training, and to modernize the services provided by designing a new, market-oriented curriculum offering training on soft competences and psychological skills needed to work with a group of cancer patients and their families. Horizontal skills and key competences, such as: interpersonal communication, play an important role in the treatment of cancer patients.

Aims of the project:

  • Provision of the modernized set of ICT competences and digital skills that are needed to meet the increased demand for highly qualified healthcare professionals.
  • Strengthening the soft skills of cancer care workers, improving their communication skills and psychological care for patients.
  • Definition of the occupational profile of nurses to facilitate the transition from the provision of unregistered nursing services to the formal system.
  • Increase employability and restrain undeclared work through officially recognized training.

Results of the intellectual work:

IO 1 - Gap analysis and building of a common Occupational Profile for Cancer care providing Nurses

IO 2 - Designing of a competence Based Training Material for Nurses providing cancer care, focusing on ICT Skills and Clinical Psycho-Oncology (Using DACUM Methodology)

IO 3 - Pilot testing - Quality assurance and Guidelines for future training

IO 4 - Feedback loops - Engagement of Cancer Centers & Increasing of awereness

Foreseen impact of the project:

The expected results during and after the end of the Project include:

  • Better understanding of new sectoral needs and developing a common policy to reduce undeclared work.
  • Identification of professional needs in the nursing sector.
  • Individual analysis of digital skills needs in the nursing profession.
  • Development of an outline of training modules using the DACUM methodology and design workshops at the national level.
  • Certification of nurses in the study area - ICT and psycho-oncological skills in all participating countries.
  • Further collaboration between Project partners and healthcare professionals as well as other stakeholders we are going to reach through our dissemination events.

In addition, through the implementation of the Project plan, we intend to strengthen the exchange of knowledge and practice between educational and training institutions and the labour market, thanks to the design and implementation of a joint project management structure and implementation of the activities envisaged at each stage of the Project’s realisation. All results will be cross-cultural and will be available in English, Polish, Greek, Romanian, German and Croatian.

Target groups:

  • Nurses working with cancer patients, through the tailor Curriculum designed to provide them with all the skills required for the successful career.
  • Cancer patients, their families and beloved ones, due to the superior services they will receive from highly trained, certified professionals
  • Institutions specialized in cancer treatment, by having access to a fresh pool of well-trained candidates with a set of skills responding to their needs
  • States and regional governments, through improvement of services for their citizens, training of the workforce and development of an ICT-driven approach with transferable applications to other sectors.